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ALTO – Is This The Nicotine Alternative Vapers Have Been Waiting For?

The ALTO brand of e-liquids is a natural, non-toxic, non-addictive stimulatory herbal extract developed specifically for vaping as a nicotine alternative.

WORCESTER, WORCESTERSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 3, 2015 / -- The phenomenal growth of e-cigarettes (some 50 million are now vaping) is a clear indication that people are getting wiser to the dangers of smoking, which is welcomed by all. The vast majority of vapers are reliant on nicotine for its stimulatory, psychoactive effects but unfortunately amongst the many downsides is that it is acutely toxic and powerfully addictive (5-10 times more potent than cocaine) and can also cause behavioural depression. With all the wonderful and exciting flavours now available for e-juice it is not always the tobacco taste (to many it is actually quite awful) that vapers go for, but often it is their dependency on nicotine, thus the flurry of regulatory interventions. Vaping is such a great alternative to smoking and indeed many vapers enjoy nicotine free liquids, after starting with high doses but unfortunately they will also be caught in the regulatory net.

ALTO could be the answer as the unique extract from the herb Sceletium tortuosum (also colloquially known as “Kanna”) has the ability to mimic nicotine’s desirable effects, without binding to the nicotinic receptors, and is significantly safer when vaped appropriately. Furthermore, many countries have banned nicotine in e-cigarettes so ALTO could play a role as a safer alternative. Apart from that the ALTO herbs are actually good for you and what is wrong with a bit of mental stimulation as well?

This succulent herb produces various alkaloids, commonly referred to as mesembrine- type alkaloids. Depending on formulations they are anxiolytic (stress relief) and are also regarded as a cognitive enhancer (psycho-stimulant) on the chemical messengers of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, known as the “happy” and “reward” neurotransmitters. The effects on both norepinephrine and dopamine gives credibility to its traditional powers as a libido enhancer, particularly women, not unlike that of the “Pink Viagra”. Sceletium combines both the positive effects of nicotine and legal CBD oil which is gaining popularity in some US states as a vaping alternative. ALTO products are backed by extensive scientific research and development in collaboration with leading universities.

Sceletium tortuosum is freely available (not regulated) and is used in the health and wellness sectors particularly in the United States, Canada and Germany with certain proprietary brands being approved by Health Canada and receiving self-affirmed GRAS status. It is non-toxic, not hallucinogenic nor addictive; thus the desire as a safer social experience and a nicotine alternative. The actives have a half-life approximately 4 hours which means that you only need to vape half as often as nicotine which can only be good news bearing in mind all the toxic concerns associated with vapour. The developers of ALTO were the first to formulate for vaping and have recently teamed up with a leading phytoceutical company to bring the products to market.

Highly respected internet forums such as WebMD (US) are credible references as well as a review done by Chris Kilham- Medicine Hunter, to name just a few. ALTO would be delighted to hear from those wishing to find out more.
Being a genuinely natural product the herb is harvested, dried then goes through a complex extraction process and all this takes a bit of time. All added flavourings are sourced from Germany to EU food grade standards and are certified kosher, vegan, FEMA/GRAS.

The ALTO “K-juice” is manufactured in GMP certified facilities that have been FDA registered and inspected. Products are certified (SGS) prior to export and tested by in-house and third party laboratories.

ALTO products are high-end quality for the discerning and health conscious vaper and available in cartridges, tank atomizers and bottled liquids. Apart from a choice of flavours the bottled “K-juice” is also available unflavoured “neat” for home blending or adding to nicotine-free popular brands of e-juice. Two formulations are available - a “relax and chill” and a more stimulating “buzz” not dissimilar to that as the first few draws of a cigarette or a nicotine hit.

To coincide with the launch attractive promotional discounts are offered for a short while.
ALTO is distributed by Virtual Tobacco Company Limited. Contact email: and website

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